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Event Managers! Here Are Tips For Corporate Transportation

If you have been tasked with securing a bus rental or charter bus for a corporate event, you know how important it is to book with a credible bus company. At TTS Charter Buses, our staff is ready to work with you to ensure you have a safe and timely bus service. By following these tips, your corporate travel needs will be taken care of.

Our first tip is to secure a bus rental from a top tier bus company. With TTS you can rent a bus and make sure all of your employees and business associates are able to get on location on time in a cohesive manner. We are very flexible with our routes and offer different forms of bus sizes to accommodate all of your charter bus transportation needs. By choosing a company that offers reliable services based upon your unique needs, you can have peace of mind that everything will go smoothly.

Also make sure when booking your bus that you ensure the company your are dealing with

provides reliable vehicles that look good and run the way that they should. Charter buses in California are required by law to have their buses inspected every 45 days. Apart from running well, make sure you ask for pictures of the bus to ensure you are getting a good quality vehicle. When your clients, employees, or associates step into a shuttle that represents your company, you want everything to go right.

TTS Charter Buses offers luxurious services that will have your guests feeling comfortable and riding in style when they book with us. Our vehicles offer plenty of seating for your guests with ample leg room and seats that are made to relax in. Our professional chauffeurs are ready to take your business associates wherever they need to go.

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