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How A Charter Bus Rental Will Save You Money On A Trip To Disneyland

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Disneyland is recognized as one of the happiest places on Earth. It is known for its enchanted entertainment theme parks in sunny Anaheim California. Disneyland is the perfect oasis for a family getaway trip. Yet, many families face the dilemma of the ever growing travel budgets to their ideal vacation spot. However, traveling with a small or large group to one of the world’s famous and costly travel destinations can actually be swift and affordable with a charter bus.

Why a charter bus is better.

Compared to other large competitive transits, group travel costs are remarkably more affordable by bus. Furthermore, other modes of group transportations tend to charge more per person which will make your trip more costly than it needs to be. And rather than renting multiple private cars, a chartered bus allows everyone in your family to stay together while going to nearby attractions or events. As a result, at TTS Charter Buses, we are able to match your family budget and needs to ensure that you have a comfortable and flexible trip with our bus rental.

Call TTS Charter Buses to reserve affordable group transportation for your family's dream vacation to Disneyland. Once you’ve realized you saved money with TTS Charter buses, you will be able to experience the pure joy of Disneyland. If you have any questions, feel free to call our team of travel experts at 310-867-0050 or email us at

Charter Bus
Charter Bus

Take a seat and enjoy the ride to the happiest place on earth.


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06 août 2018

Awesome info, thanks for the insights!

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