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The Ultimate Guide On Airport Transfers, Step By Step With No Step Missing

Here we are going to explain how to book a charter bus for your airport transfer. After reading this you will be as professional as our highly trained bus dispatchers! Use the following steps and guarantee safe & smooth group transportation.

1. Communicate The Details 

A.) Number Of Passengers

This is the most crucial part that gets omitted from bus reservation orders. When you are emailing us regarding your airport transfer, do not forget to provide us with the number of passengers that you will be moving. You might have 29 people in your group and you rent a mini bus to pick you up not knowing the mini bus only seats 28 people. 

B.) Number Of Luggage

Another important piece of information that almost never gets provided is the number of luggage that your group has. Not something we expect you to know but, not all bus luggage compartments are made the same. Some are bigger than others so if your group only has small carry on bags, a small compartment is all you need. But if you have a group of 24 people and each individual has a carry on plus two large suitcases we are going to have to send you a 50 passenger bus. 

C.)Provide Us With Flight Information 

Letting us know the flight information (Delta Jk2912) is useful to have so that we can track the flight to see if your plane is early, on time, or delayed. 


Mini Bus

2. Let Us Know Whom To Call

Communication is the key to success! Assign someone in charge of your group and that will be in communication with the driver. 

3. Once You Are Out of The Terminal 

The bus driver will be waiting at the bus holding lot of the airport. Before you call the driver to pick you up, your group should be waiting outside the terminal. If you call him

before you exit, we will risk having the driver show up to the terminal with no one in sight. This increases the chances of getting a ticket from the police officers who site buses that are idle with no passengers in sight. 

4. Going Back To The Airport

Let us know if your flight is domestic or international so we can suggest some pick up times. If you have a domestic flight, we would like to drop you off 1 hour prior to your departure time. If you have an international flight, we like to drop you off 2 hours prior to your departure time. 

5. BOOM! That's It, You're An Expert

Take this advice the next time you book a charter bus in the Los Angeles area. Please feel free to email us at or call us at 310-867-0050.






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