Q. How far in advance should I book my charter bus rental?
A. The sooner the better, we operate on a first come first serve basis. We recommend you book your service at least 3-4 months in advance to guarantee a reservation.
Q. Can we bring food and beverages on the bus?
A. Yes, food and beverages are allowed on the bus. We just kindly ask that you clean up after yourselves and leave the bus as it was when the service started. 
Q. Can we drink alcoholic beverages on the bus?
A. Yes, you can bring alcoholic beverages on the bus. We ask that you leave a $250 deposit with the driver prior to the service. Once the service is complete and there is no damage to the bus, you will receive the $250 back in full. 
Q. Can we smoke on the bus?
A. No. 
Q. Do all buses have restrooms?
A. Only the 50 passenger bus has a restroom on board. 
Q. How can we pay for our service?
A. Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Check, Cash.
Q. How do I reserve my bus?
A.  After receiving a quote, you can either click the accept button if applicable or reply to the email stating that you will like to reserve your bus. We will then send you a service agreement for you to sign via DocuSign, thus reserving your bus. 
Q. Do I need to put a deposit down to hold my reservation?
A. No deposits required when booking.
Q. What amenities do the buses have?
A.  Reclining seats, TV's, AC's, USB port, DVD player, restroom (50 Passenger Bus).