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Why Renting A Bus Is Best For Your Team

Getting stuck in Los Angeles traffic is a nightmare, especially during rush hour. There are never-ending impediments such as steep hills, potholes, construction, congested highways, and much more. It is definitely not a fun experience and these obstacles generally cause delays in your travel time. While Los Angeles is famous for hosting numerous events, sporting events is definitely one of the top five. Whether you are traveling to the Staples Center for a basketball game or your local high school for a baseball game, traffic is always inevitable. So at TTS Charter Buses, we have the perfect solution for you! We have compiled reasons on why charter buses are the best alternative in order to arrive to your games on time with as little to no stress as possible.

So why are charter buses the best option for you?

If you are heading towards the forum or the Coliseum, then a charter bus may be the best option for you and your team. There are numerous benefits that come with renting a charter bus for your next game. With a bus rental, it is guaranteed that everyone will arrive on time and together. By having everyone on the same bus you can move cohesively from one location to another. Another great feature about renting a bus is the economies of scales. It is much cheaper to divide a cost among a group of individuals rather than have each person find their own means of transportation. And with a spacious luggage compartment in the back, we can guarantee that your athletes will show up rested and ready to play. 


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While other methods of transportations services may seem appealing when transporting large groups, there are actually various disadvantages that come with them as you can see below.



Ride Sharing Services

While UberXL or LyftXl may seem more affordable and safe but in the long run, they are not. For instance, the prices for Uber can be expensive depending on if it is during rush hour and if your venue is far. Generally, your driver would not know the fastest way to your destination, and even in unlikely situations, they can purposely take you on a longer route in order to increase the fare. Besides the cost, an UberXL/LyftXL is limited to only seven passengers which means that everyone would have to split up. This may make your situation difficult because you have now divided your team into groups and have opened up a door of unwanted possibilities. If you rent a bus, you have guaranteed that your group will move cohesively.  


Public Transportation

On the other hand, public transportation may seem like a financially viable option but it actually comes with some difficulties and dangers. Depending on the city you are in, you may be exposing your team to the rougher parts of town especially on public transportation. Moving a group of athletes may warrant some unwanted attention and attract some unsolicited comments that can make your team feel uncomfortable before the big game.

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