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Renting A Bus Step By Step:

1. Guest List

It’s a good idea to start ahead of time on who you want at your wedding in order to decide the size and needs of your wedding. In order to effectively plan your wedding and decide what kind of bus transportation, venue, and vendors are needed. It’s a good idea to know how many people are coming to your wedding and how many will need bus transportation.


2. Location

Plan and book your ceremony and reception venues ahead of time because they can be reserved very quickly. After that everything is a breeze. Just send the addresses over to us and we’ll help you organize charter buses to bring your guests to and from each venue safely.

3. Time

Once all the hotels and venues are booked for your wedding, your gonna wanna make sure you know how long you want the buses for before you ask for quotes. Depending on how far away your pick up location is to the wedding venue, cost and time can vary drastically. Anywhere in Los Angeles can take about an hour but outside of Los Angeles could take a few more. If you aren’t quite sure how much time you are going to need a bus for or how much it will cost, feel free to contact us and we will make sure you answer any questions you have.


4. Set a Budget

After a few months go by, you will have a clearer understanding of what is possible with your budget. With TTS Charter Bus, we will help you find the best rates and buses for your budget so you can get the best value.


5. Figure Out Which Guests Need Transportation

Whether guests are flying in for the wedding, live a few hours away, or staying at a hotel, charter bus rentals can ensure that every guest will be accounted for without the excuse of traffic, missed flights, or traveling long distances. By choosing a shuttle bus service, guests can avoid the stress of finding parking, being held responsible after a few drinks, and worrying about getting to the wedding on time. Leave all that to us and we’ll make sure your guests have an amazing time.

6. Research What Kind of Bus You Need

Now that you have a list of how many guests you have and how many of them need transportation, you can now figure out what size bus will best accommodate your guests. Buses can range from 12 to 50 passenger buses. If you're not quite sure what bus will be the best size for you, then contact anyone from our team to help you decide which minibus will be the best for your group. From there, we can help make a quote for you.

7. Service Amenities

Organize a list of special amenities that you would like the bus to accompany, whether the bus be handicap accessible, air conditioning, space for luggage, or an entertainment system. Communicate with one of our representatives and we can help book you the perfect bus for your special wedding day.


8. Confirm Your Minibus Details

As your big day approaches, make sure that everything is right on track. Make sure to call and confirm your minibus details a few weeks before if there are any last minute changes you want to make. It is always best to be safe than sorry so that there aren’t any problems on the day of your wedding.

9. Enjoy Your Wedding Day!

The big day is finally here! With TTS Charter Bus, you have one less to worry about as your guests are in the best care by professionals. So, what are you waiting for? Call TTS Charter Buses to reserve an affordable transportation for your guests to your dream wedding. Once you’ve realized you saved money with TTS Charter buses, you will want to book with us again for future events. If you have any questions, feel free to call our team of travel experts at 310-867-0050 or email us at

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Anyone planning a wedding knows how stressful it is from start to finish. From choosing the right food selection to finding the ideal bride dresses, the perfect wedding requires a lot of time and patience. Even though you have everything under control from the flowers to the cake, it's the guest that add the final touch to your wedding.


With a guest list of 50+ people, there are a lot of uncontrolled variables that could go wrong. From making sure that they show up on time, do not get lost, or can not find parking can be a gamble. To address these problems it would be smart to rent charter buses for your wedding.


At TTS Charter Buses, we can guarantee that your guests arrive in a timely manner so they can attend your beautiful wedding and hear "I do". We provide you with the drivers contact information so you can always know how far away your guests are at any given moment. If you're interested in booking a charter bus then keep scrolling down to read more on how to rent a minibus or charter bus ahead of time for your wedding and guests.

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