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3 Networking Tips For Your Next Conference

Networking is a vital part of business that can really add value to your career once you start rubbing shoulders with the right people. As you get ready for your next networking event, be sure to try out the following tips in this article…

  1. Utilize Breaks/Pauses To Your Advantage

A lot of benefits can come from sitting in a conference listening to a key note speaker. However, try to maximize the utility of your time there by sparking a conversation with someone during a break in the conference. Instead of going to the bathroom or walking around try networking with the people around your area. Ask them what they think of the speaker, if they recommenced anyone else, then branch off of that and pivot into more pointed questions.

2. Leverage Their Social Media To Your Advantage

While it is crucial to follow up with people you have recently met via email and social media. Learn how to utilize their social media pages in your favor. Call it oppo-research, but do your due diligence and research the people you are seeing later that day. Go on their Linked-In page and see what are they interested in, who inspires them, what hobbies do they participate in, and where are they in their career. There is an abundance of value that is a few clicks away once you start looking. And once you gather all of that information, it will be that much easier to connect with them because you can ask questions about things they like.

3. Don’t Be Like Everyone

Many people at conferences wait in a line to talk with the speakers. While doing this may serve you in the moment, it will make it difficult for them to remember you afterwards. Instead of waiting in a line, write a heartfelt email to the speakers to introduce yourself and share what your favorite takeaways from the talk were. Then, connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Conferences can be very tiring and taxing on the body. If you are moving with a group make sure you travel cohesively by bus. Renting a charter bus with TTS can make things way easier on you and can take off one more item from your to do list. Plus, having 40+ people on the bus is a great way to network as well!

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