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3 Reasons Why Renting A Bus Is Better Than Flying

Taking a charter bus is always better than take a plane. Discounting the fact if you have to travel overseas or coast to coast of course… We like to keep it objective when writing these, so we wouldn’t recommend using a bus from NYC to Los Angeles. However, if you are planning a shorter trip, say a few hundred miles or so, then a charter bus is a much better choice for the following reasons:

The first and we would argue the most important is the economics and costs of travel. Flying is rarely inexpensive. According to the Bureau of Transportation, the average airfare for domestic flights in the country is around four hundred dollars for one person. In most cases, the cost of the trip is not all you will incur, you still have to pay a baggage fee in most cases. Furthermore, if you choose to book your flight close to your date, the airlines will charge you a draconian price for your trip. Compare this with charter buses that can accommodate around forty to sixty people for less than a thousand dollars for a whole day or half for shorter trips taking a few hours. The economies of scale make it so that a the cost per person is around $20 and you can’t beat that!

A charter bus is more convenient than a flight. If you fly, they are not going to drop you off in front of the address that you need to be at. A charter bus can pick you up from where you want and drop you at the chosen address. This is not just confined to cities or major towns. Many airlines don’t operate flights to every small airport in the country. You would have to inevitably reserve a car, bus or some kind of shuttle to get to your destination, after the expensive flight. It is just better to take a charter bus.

Finally, you would save a lot of time. This may come as a surprise for some because flying is obviously faster. A charter bus is no match for a double engine airbus or jet. When factoring in the time it takes to drive to the airport, wait in lines, pass security and any other checkpoints, the boarding process, and baggage claim it will take significantly longer. A flight may be for an hour and a half or two hours, perhaps four hours. The actual traveling time will be at least two to three hours more. Most people need half a day or longer to travel by air.

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