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A List Of DONT'S On A Charter Bus

If you are taking a trip with a group, a smart choice to travel around is by renting a charter bus. Over 700 million buses are booked every year and it’s only growing in popularity. While companies will do everything possible to make your service perfect and according to plan, it is important to return the favor. Here is a list of things that can make it easier for both you and your bus company to make your service smoother.

Tardiness: Arguably the most important point, it is always important to be on time when traveling. If an individual passenger is late, the entire bus and all of the passengers have to wait and potentially they will arrive late to the desired destination. Apart from that, the bus has it’s own schedule that it has to stick to so if the first service of the day runs late then it potentially can be late for the next service.

Be Mindful of Your Food: If you are traveling for a few hours, most likely you will bring some snacks along the way for when you get hungry. While there is nothing wrong with snacks on the bus, foods like eggs, fish, and certain cheeses will not go over well with the other passengers on the bus.

Don’t Be Too Loud: While it’s perfectly normal to talk to the people in your area, be mindful of how loudly you are speaking to them. While we are on the topic of speaking to people on the bus, try not to shout at the person in the back of the bus while you are sitting in the front. Furthermore, try to keep phone calls and music at a moderate level so that the people 5 rows behind you can’t hear you.

We hope this gives some insight into the main things to avoid when renting a charter bus. For any inquires, please contact TTS Charter Buses or email us at

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