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Charter Bus Etiquette

Traveling by a charter bus can be a fun, exciting adventure...or an annoying and endless trip depending on many factors, non greater than the passengers to your left and right. Assuming you are on a bus with people you know, even the best of friends can get on each other's nerves. How much more so when 25-55 people are road-tripping together, perhaps for several hours? Even on buses, there must be rules for basic civility and mutual consideration. The following represent reliable rules of thumb for charter bus passenger decorum.


Lateness casts a bothersome shadow on what should be a pleasant occasion. One late arrival delays the entire trip when a charter bus is the carrier. For one thing, the straggling passenger makes everyone late, a real problem if keeping to a strict schedule. In a very real sense, lateness breaches a contract with the bus company or limousine service, whose driver is required to be at the pick-up point on time. Moreover, it forces fellow passengers, who are punctual, to wait for an undetermined period of time. If unsure of how long it takes to be ready and waiting for the bus, resolve to be early so tardiness is never an issue.


Earbuds were invented for a reason. Fellow passengers have varying tastes in music and some might prefer to ride in silence. Forcing them to hear songs is impolite. Plus, people can still perceive the music - earbuds or not - when the volume is up too high. The same principle applies to the conversation: talk in a muted fashion. Nobody begrudges two friends a dialog as long as the rest of the bus can hear itself think. Remember this axiom, also, when using the cell phone.

Yes! Smells, No!

The desire for nutritional sustenance is common on long trips. If rest stops are few and far between, bringing a snack makes good sense. Just remember, there are snacks and there are snacks. A piece of fruit or some cookies can tide one over until arrival without violating the personal space of fellow travelers. However, a sardine sandwich or a bowl of kimchi wafts throughout the transport. Not everyone appreciates the aroma. Bear in mind, loud crunching or smacking can also agitate bus neighbors.

Corporate transportation in Los Angeles is a competitive enterprise. We at TTS Charter Buses strive to make our passengers safe, comfortable and happy. Professional competence and courteous service are central to our value. You deserve the best, so let us handle the driving while you experience a pleasant ride.

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