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Charter Bus Wedding Transportation Tips

Wedding season is around the corner, and if you're a bride or groom to be, it's possible that you just have already begun the planning process. Transporting guests to the venue and the reception is a crucial element of the wedding planning process is a very important element that's typically forgotten or unnoted.

When it involves wedding transportation, there are many options to choose from for your bus rental. First and foremost it depends on how many individuals you have in your guest count. Secondly, factor in your geography… are you in the Malibu mountains? Or perhaps in the middle of the city?

If you have a big group but your venue is in the Malibu Mountains, the chances of a 50 passenger charter bus to fit through those winning hills are slim and you will have to resort to a 24 passenger bus instead so keep that in mind.

Here are some further tips on what to consider when renting a charter bus

Be Different

Escape the normal wedding limo cliche and rent a charter bus! Not solely do charter bus rentals supply many seating and area for your guests, but they'll even be an excellent way to transport your bridal party from one destination to the next!

Make Reservations Early

Charter buses are becoming more and more popular for weddings. It’s important that if you made up to rent a bus that you do so immediately. Even if your guest count isn’t finalized, we would rather have you book 5 buses now and then when you have a better estimate of who’s going you cut it down to 3.

Save Your Budget

Let’s face it, wedding costs aren’t cheap. In fact, the common value of a marriage is around $25,000. Typically, charter bus rental rates are reasonable, you’ll be able to transport your guests or party while not breaking the bank.

Book Transportation For Your Wedding With TTS Charter Buses

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