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Chartering Buses to EDC 2019

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

The Electric Daisy Carnival is one the most iconic music dance festivals in the United States. Hosted by Insomniac, in none other than Las Vegas, Nevada EDM music enthusiasts dance the night away to top DJs playing the latest hits. With tens of thousands of individuals congregating under the Las Vegas night to lose themselves, one might start think... how do they all get there? Charter buses!

Renting a charter bus can be complicated especially when there are so many moving parts.

Allow us to break it down for you in the following steps.

1. Know Your Itinerary

In order to provide a quote and eventually a service, we will need the details of the service. What do you plan on leaving for Vegas? At what time? Where is the pick up address? Are there going to be stops along the way to Vegas? The more details you provide for us the more accurate your quote will be and the smoother your service will end up.

2. Lodging

Assuming you will be raving all three days, the bus will be at your disposal for the days that you need it for transportation. That means that our bus will be staying in Las Vegas for the duration of EDC, and we will need a hotel room for the driver. Now, we can price in the hotel nights into your service...But if you want a pro tip from us (because you read our blogs of course), it will be more cost effective if you book the room yourself. All we suggest is that the hotel that you book is close to your hotel and that they allow buses to station/park in their lots.

3. Communicate With Your Driver

Like we said earlier, there will be tens of thousands of people at the event and thousands of them will be using charter buses to get back to their hotel as well. So how do you find your driver? Great question!

1. Make sure you are still in the right state of mind after raving for 8 hours

2. Get your group together

3. Your driver phone number will be provided so contact them when you are ready

4. We will have a specific sign on the bus with either your group name, a logo, or some sort of identification for you to know that this is your bus.

Well you did it! You successfully chartered a bus and transported your group safely to and from the Electric Daisy Carnival. For any and all bus rental inquires, feel free to contact us at or give us a call at 310-867-0050.

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