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Fun Employee Outings That Require Charter Buses

The daily monotony of the corporate world can work to wear down the joyful spirit of your employees, but you can bring that spirit right back up by planning fun events that they’ll love. The biggest complication with these kinds of events is often how you’ll transport everyone there.

Bus charter services present the perfect opportunity to allow everyone to travel together. Motorcoaches are also an eco-friendly option, as they are three times more efficient at reducing CO2 output when compared to commuter rail and six times more efficient than transit buses. Find inspiration with these corporate outing ideas and treat your employees to a memorable experience.

Go-Kart Racing: Bring everyone back to the simplicity of childhood by renting a bus charter service to go to a go-kart track. This activity allows your employees to take part in friendly competition and many will love the thrill of racing around the track. For those who don’t want to hop in a go-kart, most tracks offer other entertainment like arcade games and mini-golf.Escape Room: This outing serves double duty as a fun activity and as a team-building exercise. Escape rooms are popping up in every city as a challenge for team members to solve the problem of getting out of a “locked” room. The escapers must find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and decipher clues in under an hour to make it out and claim success.

Volunteering: Every community needs a helping hand, and your team can provide that. Pick a cause that everyone feels passionately about, such as a food bank, shelter, or cleanup initiative. Then, organize a bus charter service to take everyone to the charity spot and get to work. Cookout At A Park: An old-fashioned park cookout is a great option for a corporate outing on a budget. Have an employee who loves grilling take up the role as chef or turn it into a communal potluck. Your team will love playing games like frisbee and cornhole while eating delicious food. Sporting Event: If there is a football or baseball game happening in the next town over, charter a bus to take your employees for a night out. Allow them to bring their spouses or kids and make it an event in which all the families of your company can connect.

There is a limitless number of outings you can put together for your employees. Have fun and get creative with your ideas, and don’t forget to charter a bus for easy and convenient transportation.

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