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How To Always Get To The Airport On Time

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Making it to the airport on time can be very stressful and requires you to factor in many variables. Now compound that by 100 when you have to make it to the airport with a group of 50 people. Here are some helpful tips from our experience to make sure you are in the plane during take off.

Double Check, Double Check!

One main reason people are late to the airport is because they prepare everything last minute. Double check you have all of your documentation in order, make sure you have your passport. Double check the departure flight time, the terminal number, etc.. If it's a holiday or a weekend, verify that it doesn't affect any of your plans. Once you've verified everything, check it one more time.

Book Reliable Bus Transportation

The last thing you need when you’re getting ready for the airport is that your transportation is late or even worse… not showing up. Book your group transportation with TTS Charter Buses, we have hundreds of thousands of happy passengers that book with us every year. We understand how important getting to the airport in a safe and timely manner is for you.

Leave Early

First things first, schedule your transportation well in advance. Also, at the very least plan to arrive at the airport 2 hours in advance of your flight. If there is a problem or unplanned traffic, this gives the transportation company time to adjust. You'll also want to tell everyone to meet at least fifteen minutes before the transportation arrives. People will inevitably arrive late and asking people to arrive early provides some leeway. Make it very clear, though, that the long island bus schedule must continue as planned. People who are late will have to find their own last-minute accommodations if they still like to join.

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