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How To Pick What Charter Bus Company To Book!

Corporate travel is a huge element for many industries across America. According to Trondent Development Corp, the average corporate worker takes 6-7 trips a year. At TTS Charter Buses, we offer luxury charter buses at an affordable rate all while making the reservation process seamless and hassle-free. When you work with TTS Charter Buses, you'll have a team of specialists by your side helping you with your reservation as well as a totally safe and completely comfortable bus ride. Travelers can work with us to get access to our skilled and knowledgeable professional chauffeurs no matter where they're going. Another common form of travel is via bus. Buses are a good choice for those who might be traveling in large groups. They're also ideal for shorter distances that might be harder to cover by plane. Choosing a great bus company for your travel needs is easier than ever with TTS Charter Buses. Here is why:

Group Travel

Traveling in groups is very common, especially for corporate outings. You may also travel with business colleagues and associates. If you are traveling with a group by bus, make sure the bus company has enough space to accommodate every single member of your party. Also, you’ll want to make sure the company has enough space either under the bus or in the rear compartment for your luggage. There should be plenty of overhead space in the bus.

Safety Record / COI

Safety is another key factor when you are picking out a bus company for your travel needs in the United States and abroad. A good bus company should be able to provide you with proof of insurance along with adding your institution to their Certificate of Liability. Bus operators should be trained and up to date on the latest in all safety techniques. In general, drivers should not be driving for more than ten hours straight or 15 hours throughout a 24 hour period in order to combat fatigue. Longer trips should have more than one driver as well as places for the driver to take an official break along with his passengers.

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