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Keep Your Luggage Safe On A Charter Bus

Students and seniors accounted for 52% of the traveler visits provided by the charter bus business in 2012, whereas adults and young adults accounted for 49% of the traveler visits. Whichever class you happen to fall under, one issue is for sure… Keeping your baggage safe when traveling on a charter or rental bus.

Whether or not you’re storing your baggage within the overhead bins or keeping it safe within the main enclosure beneath the bus, there are many steps you'll have to undertake to guarantee your baggage doesn’t get misplaced. Keep these baggage safety tips in mind throughout your next bus trip:

Try using your bag as a stool or footrest with the strap tied around your foot. This may be a better tip for crowded buses. It also provides a function if you are taking a trip where you have to sleep. So if anything does happen to your bag, you will know immediately!

Keep your bag, and the most valuable objects within the bag, clearly labeled with your name, address, and phone number. Though it is rare, someone may claim that your bag is actually theirs so this will nullify any confusion.

Add a unique and distinctive marking to your bag to make sure you can easily recognize it.

Finally, consider this tip to add some convenience to the luggage retrieval process. Just tie a colorful string or some other bold accessory to your bag in order to more easily distinguish it from others that may look just like it.

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