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Why Self Driving Charter Buses Are The Future!

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Close your eyes and imagine this. Driverless buses. This may seem far stretch or an invention from a Marvel movie, but you will be surprised that it is actually a lot closer to coming true than you think. The next generation of public transport is undergoing a humongous change as they are planning to take more individual cars off the road and self driving buses that promise to bring cleaner air, safer areas to walk and ride, and reduced noise pollution.

In April, the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory attempted their first test of an autonomous shuttle in Greenwich, which is a greater part of London. This prototype shuttle drove people through a 2km route all around the Greenwich Peninsula. It consisted of built-sensors and autonomy technology in order to avoid any accidents. Not only has this been tested in London but in various places as well. A similar shuttle has been launched in Las Vegas and Finland.

There are some advantages if we do implement automated buses in our society. First, automated buses are more efficient because they are much cheaper than a regular bus system and can carry more passengers than just regular cars. Secondly, driverless buses follow a designated route which makes it easier to implement and run. If necessary, the routes can be changed due to various circumstances. Unlike cars, navigation isn’t that big of an issue as buses use specific lines. So next time you see an automated bus in your town, make sure to give it a try!

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