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Some Suggestions On How To Drink On A Bus...

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

In one of our articles we talked about if you are allowed to drink on a bus. If you haven’t check it out, click here! Now we are going to give you some tips on how to drink on a charter bus. Here are some of our top 5 tips to ensure that your trip is safe and efficient for both the driver and your group.

1.) Avoid any turbulent behavior that could damage the bus, fellow passengers, and driver.

2.) Serve and drink alcoholic beverages responsibly.

3.) Similar to other public places, avoid carrying on glass bottles or kegs on the bus and stick with cans and plastic cups. That way it is much safer for your group and an easier clean up just in case of an accident.

4.) Bus drivers are not responsible for any personal belongings that are loss.We understand that it can be easy to keep track of things when you are drinking. Please make sure to collect all your belongings and do not leave anything behind on the bus.

5.) Some roads can be curvy and we can all imagine how that can upset our stomachs. Be mindful that you are drinking on a moving bus and motion sickness does occur.

6.) Rent a charter bus from a trustworthy and esteemed company. At TTS Charter Buses, you can be reassured that we only work with licensed and certified professional bus drivers/providers.

If you aren’t sure which charter bus is best for your group, give us a call today at 310-867-0050 to chat with a rental representative about your group’s unique rental needs or check out our website for further information. We’ll pair you with the best bus and driver, to make your travels as easy as possible.

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