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Wait! How Many Different Charter Bus Services Are There?

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

We know... things can get kind of complicated when you are booking your charter bus. If your boss, church group, or school bestowed the duty of reserving the bus on to you; we know that reserve your bus can be stressful. Making sure you get all the details correct for exactly what you need and ensuring that you communicate that to the bus company without making any mistakes can be hard (trust us, we've seen it all...).

So here you are, visiting, on our home page, and you see a charter bus quote forum. You start filling out your name, email, phone number, and the date of your service. Then you stumble on a drop down option that says "Service Type" and you click on it. They give you four options to choose from that state: Hourly (Wait & Return), Hourly (Shuttling), One Way Transfer, Round Trip Transfer, and you are just sitting there like... uh... what?

By popular demand, allow us to communicate the meanings and differences between these various service types in this article.

Hourly (Wait & Return):

This is the most standard service type. Let's say you want to get picked up at a hotel by 12:00pm visit one or two locations and then be back at the hotel by 7:00pm. This is the type of service that we would call an Hourly Wait & Return because it is just a few hours, the driver will be with you on location the entire time, and when you are ready to leave, they will bring you back. This is the most cost effective manner of booking a bus that can sometimes be conflated with a Round Trip Transfer.

Hourly (Shuttling):

Ok so what is the difference between Hourly Shuttling and the Hourly Wait & Return? Great question! When you are requesting a shuttling job, that means that you are expecting the bus to shuttle groups of people continuously between two or more locations almost in perpetuity. Very often the two distances not being more than just a few miles away from each other.

Round Trip Transfer:

So this service type and the Hourly Wait & Return can get conflated on a regular basis. Both basically mean the same thing at the end of the day right?

Yes and no!

A Round Trip Transfer is typically used for services that are on different dates. For example, you will use a Round Trip Transfer if your service is on March 23, 2019 and you are leaving from the hotel to LAX and you won't be returning back until March 30, 2019. Furthermore, the only other time you would use a Round Trip Transfer is if you have a service that will take all day and you definitely don't need the bus waiting on site. For example, you are going to Disneyland at 8am and won't be expecting to leave the happiest place on earth until 8:00pm. There is no need to have our driver wait outside thus making this service type cost effect for you.

One Way Transfer:

Last but not least, the most self explanatory service time of them all.

Picking up from location A, going to location B, end of service. Just one pick up and one drop off is what limits the scope of how we define a One Way Transfer in the charter bus industry.

We hope this helps you better understand the different terminology when booking a bus with us at TTS Charter Buses. We hope to see you soon the next time you need group transportation!

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