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4 Networking Tips For Your Next Conference

When it comes to any kind of business, networking is crucial as it can open many doors as well as connect you with people and build relationships. If you are ever planning on going to a conference or a networking event, we have listed the top 4 tips that we find helpful:

1.Leverage Your Social Media To Your Benefit

When preparing to go to an event, it is really important that you do your research on companies that will be there and specific people that you want to meet. Another helpful tip is to use social media, such as LinkedIn, to virtually research and connect with people before you arrive at the event so that when you greet them they have an idea of who you are. This allows you to easily build relationships and connections when you start meeting people face to face. Also, another great tip is to show on your social media profiles what events you are going to. This allows other people to see where you are going and maybe help people to find you if they want to connect. Some helpful tools are to use hashtags, instagram stories, and tagging the names of speakers and companies that are involved in that event.

2. Use Your Breaks To Network

There are various different kinds of conferences but most of them are long and tiring. On the bright side, these conferences are a great way for you to network with people in your industry or other industries. These events usually have break times for you to recollect yourself but this is a perfect opportunity to grow. Instead of using that time to go on your phone or take a nap, start networking with people at the event. This is advantageous as other people are going on their phones or what not, you are using this time to build relationships. That is one more connected than the person on their phone has. However, if you want some time alone then you can use that time to plan out the rest of your day and decide what sessions you want to go to and who you want to meet.

3. Stand Out From Everyone Else

After most events, you have to wait in long lines to talk with the speakers. This can help you stand out in the moment, but it is hard for speakers to remember you especially if they talked to about 100 people. One way to stand out is to write a touching email to the speakers introducing who you are and something that stood out to you in their speech. This shows that you paid attention and found value in what they are saying. BUT! If you want to go the extra mile you can hand write them a thank you card. While it is old fashion, people understand how far handwritten cards can take you. You can take this opportunity at the end to say that you would love to grab a cup of coffee with them to hear more about X,Y,Z or ask them about X,Y,Z.

4. Always Network, Never Rest

We know how tiring it is to spend an entire day or weekend at a conference, and you're walking around all day and meeting new people every few minutes. If you have the chance, you’ll probably want to go to your room and sleep for the rest of the day. But you're missing out on a great opportunity. We know that it’s hard and tiring now, but you have to put in the sacrifices now to reap the benefits later. Use the time when you're napping to spend time meeting new people and making those connections. Sometimes certain events and conferences already have social events planned such as dinners or drinks at bars. So take advantage of that while you can, especially if that opportunity is right in your face.

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