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Best Audiobooks While Traveling

It’s not easy picking what book to listen to while traveling. You have to factor in your mood, how long the trip is, who you are traveling with, and so much more. There are so many factors that can dictate what book you listen to and sometimes you can’t think of any. That’s why we have compiled a few audiobooks that we suggest trying out on your next trip:

Stephen King is considered one of the greatest crime authors and The Outsider is not one you should miss. It is a chilling crime novel that will for sure keep you up at night. An 11-year old has been murdered and the evidence points to one person..until he reveals his alibi. Can you figure out the murderer in King’s The Outsider?

2. ROMANCE: One Day in December By Josie Silver

This book has been selected as part of Reese Witherspoon’s much-adored book club, and is guaranteed to make you cry, laugh, and swoon. Follow a complicated 10 years of heartbreak, opportunities lost, friendship, and much more between Laurie, Sarah, and Jack.

Charles Duhigg is an award-winning business reporter and in this book he dives into scientific discoveries that help explain why we have habits and how we can change them. By utilizing these information and tactics, we can magically transform our lives in all aspects: business, communities, and relationships.

Now that we have given you some of our audiobook recommendations while traveling, we’ll also help you reserve your next charter bus. If you have any questions, feel free to call our team of travel experts at 310-867-0050 or email us at

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