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Giving Back-Thanksgiving

Besides the delicious pumpkin pies or pumpkin patches, one of the great things about Thanksgiving is giving back to the community. At TTS Charter Buses, we have worked with countless organizations and companies to help non-profit organizations. However, if you are interested in giving back but not quite sure who or how we can help you there. Below we have listed some amazing organizations that you can help this season and will make sure you and your group get there safe and sound.

1.Homeboy Industries

At Homebody Industries, they focus on serving high risk, formerly involved gang members with a variety of free services and programs. They even have social enterprises and events that help serve as job training sites which gives people an opportunity to enter into the workforce. Now, Homeboy Industries is one of the largest gang intervention and rehabilitation in the world! This is a great organization to meet amazing people and be a part of a life changing journey for people.

2.Midnight Mission

Midnight Mission is a wonderful organization that focuses on providing counseling, education, training, and job placement for homeless people. Some volunteer opportunities that you can do is meal service prep, tutoring, and professional services. This is a great organization that helps provide structure and resources for people which truly improve their lives.

3.The Richstone Family Center

The Richstone Family Center aims on preventing child abuse and violence within families. They are dedicated to strengthening families and bringing them together. Within their organization, they have a children’s program where you can help lead projects to help teach children about photography, cooking, sports, and much more! The Richstone Family Center even provides assistance for students with school either individually or in a small group setting. This is a great organization to collaborate with and help restore families and create a safe environment for children.

If you are interested in working with any of these foundations or other ones that we don’t have listed here, then contact TTS Charter Buses and one of our agents will help plan the transportation for you and your group. Visit our website today to reserve affordable transportation and if you have any questions, feel free to call our team of travel experts at 310-867-0050 or email us at

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