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Bus Trips To Some Of LA's Best Museums

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Museums are a magical place where you can travel in time and see the works of Picasso, Monet, and Frida Kahlo. Museums embody a cultural and social place where people from all over the world can come together and admire the arts of various different artists from diverse backgrounds. Los Angeles is home to some of the most remarkable museums with their stunning location and art pieces. Whether your visiting the Getty Villa, MOLAA, or the California Science Center, museums are a great place to visit with family, friends, or even as a class field trip. One of the easiest ways to travel to a museum with a group is by booking a bus rental for the day. Renting a bus not only saves you money, but can also save you a lot of time and stress. Instead of searching for parking or waiting for people to come on time, you can all arrive and leave together on a charter bus. If you’re not quite sure which museums to visit, we have made a small list of museums you should definitely go to while in Los Angeles, California.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Address: 900 W Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 9000

The Natural History Museum emboldens curiosity, discovery, and fascination for both our cultural and natural worlds. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is one of the largest natural and historical museum in the western part of the United States. It has a large collection of over 35 million specimens, which some date back to almost 4.5 billion years. This is a museum that is great for families and also for teachers to bring their students to learn more about the natural world. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is located in downtown Los Angeles which can be hard to find parking for a large group and can be difficult to keep count of everyone. Therefore, a charter bus is a reasonable transportation because everyone will be moving in one vehicle and the driver of the charter bus will always be on call to ensure pick up and drop off locations. By renting a bus, you can be assured of a safe journey to and from the museum.

Griffith Observatory

Address: 800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

The Griffith Observatory is a facility that is located on a slope of Mount Hollywood based in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park. yet, what makes this museum particularly breathtaking is its astounding view of Los Angeles. From the top you can see Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the Pacific Ocean. This is an amazing scenic view and a great place to take a picture with everybody. On top of an amazing view, you can have an experience of a


The Griffith Observatory is a great way to view the stars and learn about space. Visitors can look through a variety of different kinds of telescopes, explore exhibits, and see live shows at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium. However, parking and driving to the Griffith Observatory can be a hassle. Roads that lead up to the observatory can get very busy at times and there is limited parking space near the Observatory. Instead of paying $8.00 or $6.00 per hour for parking, save your money and time by booking a charter bus. Charter bus rentals will not only save you money but also the stress of finding parking. Leave the hard stuff to us so you can have a wonderful experience at the Griffith Observatory.

Los Angeles County Museum

Address: 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

The Los Angeles County Museum, or most commonly known as the LACMA, is one of the largest art museums in the western part of the United States and has a collection of over 135,000 objects. There are about a million visitors that come annually to see art pieces from around the world and from around the Los Angeles county. LACMA shares its eye-opening vast collections with the Greater Los Angeles county and beyond via public programs, research facilities, and exhibitions. They offer so many different programs that can be enjoyed by everyone. The music program showcases over one hundred concerts that feature leading international and local ensembles. The LACMA also provides a wide range of films from every kind of genres. They can range from new releases, documentaries, classics, guest curated programs, one-of-a-kind events, and conversations surrounding film and filmmaking. Since the LACMA is located near central Los Angeles, it is highly recommended to rent a bus while traveling in a large group to visit the LACMA. By avoiding traffic and hectic street parking, renting a charter bus is a quick and easy way to visit a museum with your family or classmates.

Inside view of a shuttle bus
Charter Bus

If you aren’t sure which charter bus is best for your group, give us a call today at 310-867-0050 to chat with a rental representative about your group’s unique rental needs. We’ll pair you with the best bus and driver, to make your travels as easy as possible. Don’t worry, for every service you book with TTS Charter Buses, you will be given your drivers contact information to have a fast and easy communication. So what are you waiting for? Call TTS Charter Buses to reserve an affordable transportation for an amazing adventure to one of Los Angeles’ outstanding museums. Once you’ve realized you saved money with TTS Charter buses, you will be able to experience the fascination of art. If you have any questions, feel free to call our team of travel experts at 310-867-0050 or email us at

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