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Field Trip Ideas for High School Students by Charter Bus in LA

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

For many high school students and teachers in the Los Angeles County, there is an endless variety of field trips that students can enjoy and learn. There are countless museums, cultural centers, historic landmarks, and fun activities for young students to explore.


However, planning a field trip in Los Angeles limited parking, packed public transportation, and bustling traffic can be a huge obstacle for many teachers. Yet, renting a charter bus rental will not only save you time but also money. Therefore, TTS Charter Buses is here to make your future education field trips stress free and unforgettable for both the teachers and students.

For every service you book with TTS Charter Buses, you will be given your drivers contact information to have a fast and easy communication.

Below we have suggested a popular bus-accessible field trip for you to get started on.


The LACMA is one of the largest art museums in the western United States. Therefore, traveling by bus, you and your students will be able to explore a wide range of art forms, such as sculpture, paintings, films, and many more. School tours are led by LACMA’s trained art docents who encourage students to actively look and discuss on a select number of pieces in the collection. LACMA is a great way to increase students’ understanding and stimulate interest in the visual arts.


Call TTS Charter Buses to reserve an affordable transportation for you and your students. Once you’ve realized you saved money with TTS Charter buses, you will be able to experience beauty and power within art. If you have any questions, feel free to call our team of travel experts at 310-867-0050 or email us at

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