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Top Korean BBQ Spots in Los Angeles

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Looking for a delicious place to eat after a corporate meeting, church service, or sporting event? Korean BBQ is the perfect restaurant that will meet all your demands. Whether you are looking for a private room for just you and your party or a fun atmosphere with upbeat music, Korean BBQ restaurants can cater to all interests. Los Angeles K-Town has a variety of different Korean BBQ restaurants from a la carte to all you can eat. We know that traveling with a big group to and from a restaurant can be challenging due to people drinking, people arriving late, or people getting lost in the city. But don’t worry! By renting a charter bus all these problems will go away. Renting a charter bus ensures that everyone will get to the restaurant on time and avoid finding parking in busy downtown Los Angeles. Another benefit with renting a charter bus is that you can have the pleasure of drinking and not having to worrying about anyone from your group drunk driving. Soju is definitely a drink you want to try with your friends-especially the grapefruit flavored one! So what are you waiting for? Below we have compiled a list of some of the top Korean BBQ restaurants in Los Angeles.

Parks Barbeque

Although it is quite pricey-as it is a la carte-it is definitely worth your money’s worth. Parks Barbeque offers some of the highest quality meat there is. From there mouth watering beef brisket to there well seasoned galbi, this is definitely a spot you want to bring your colleagues, friends, or family. One of the great things that Parks Barbeque can offer is that they have private rooms for any occasions. Whether it is a birthday party, a business gathering, or a nice dinner with your family, a private room is a perfect way to have some privacy with just you and your guests. We recommend renting a charter bus because there is a valet fee when you go to Parks Barbeque. With a charter bus, you can forget the valet fee and the stress of finding street parking, and just enjoy your night out.



955 S Vermont Ave G, Los Angeles, CA 90006

Quarters Korean BBQ

Quarters Korean BBQ is a trendy restaurant that is catered more towards millenials. The atmosphere is always buzzing with pop music and it is always packed with people-so make sure to get there early. Quarters Korean BBQ offers a wide range of flavors including their popular korean nachos, coconut prawn, or 3-alarm wings. One of the great things here at Quarters Korean BBQ is that if you order 5 or more from the korean taas section, then you get a free veggie skewer, egg stew, cheese fondue, and a choice of kimchi stew or soybean stew. This is perfect when coming with a large group of people because who doesn’t like free food! Not only do they have amazing appetizers and delicious korean tapas, they have a wide assortment of meat that you can choose. From their savory pork belly to their grilled bulgogi, each kind of meat will leave you satisfied. Quarters Korean BBQ also has a great selection of alcohol such as their slammin’ strawberry margaritas and signature cocktail the yellow bird. By renting a charter bus, you don’t have to worry about having a designated driver or worrying about someone getting hurt on the way back home but instead enjoy your time with some nice korean bbq and a bottle of Corona.



3465 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020

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