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The Hidden Jewel Of The 626 Night Market

Cheesy pork buns, juicy grilled lobsters, sweet drunken cake pops, and savory shrimp fried rice are only a few of the many delicious treats you can find at the 626 Market. Located in Arcadia, this night market is a one of a kind. They have vendors ranging from all different cuisines, and some with dishes that have never been heard of. For example, head on over to Luckyball Korean BBQ to get a drink served in a small floaty or Mason’s Den to try their rainbow corn or Nava Sausage Co. crazy hotdog combinations and more! So head on over to one of the hottest food festivals in the summer with your friends by renting a charter bus.


626 Market was inspired by the famous open air nighttime bazaars discovered in Asia where people from all over would come together to eat, drink and socialize. This market was established in 2012 as this enormous market was named after the 626 area code of San Gabriel Valley, which lies northeast of Los Angeles. This iconic event in Santa Anita park in Arcadia has over 300 + food vendors, games, music, entertainment, crafts, and much more that attracts all ages. This is the perfect place to spend time with your friends, go on a date, or visit with your family. The 626 Market focuses on uniting and empowering the community by showcasing a diverse platform for artists, chefs, and entrepreneurs from all over the world.


Be aware, this market is only here a few times throughout the year. While two of the dates have already passed, the market will be back in Arcadia from August 23-25 so don’t miss your last chance this year to visit the 626 Market!

Food Vendors

The highlight of this market is the delicious delicacies you can try all in one spot. Before attending the markets, you can always see the list of vendors that will be there so you can get an idea of what you want to eat. Some of their most popular vendors include Ice Cream Garden LA, Cafe 949, Baked Dessert Bar, Big and Long, and much more! So make sure you come with a big appetite when visiting 626 Night Market.

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