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A List of Things You Can Do To Kill Time On A Charter Bus

We know that long bus rides can be both boring and tiring for most people. Whether you are going on a field trip, business conference, sports competition, or a field trip, you always find yourself looking for something to do. Whether you are traveling to Disneyland with your family or heading towards a soccer competition in Los Angeles, our lists of games is guaranteed to make sure you have a fun time on the bus. These games allow you to not only have fun but to also connect with your fellow colleagues. Charter bus rides can be a lot more fun with these lists of games we have listed below.

1.Two Truths and A Lie

This is a simple but a really fun way to get to know people on your bus. In this game each player is responsible for telling two truths and a lie about themselves. Everyone else has to guess which one is the lie and which ones are the truths. This is a really fun game because you get to learn some surprising facts about your friends that you might not have known before. The way you win points is if no one guessed your two truths and a lie correct. The person with the most points wins the game. This is perfect for long charter bus rides because you don’t anything but yourself! So next time you are on a charter bus make sure to give this game a go with your friends.

2.The Chain Game

While this game may seem simple, it can actually be quite challenging. To start off the game you must choose a topic such as artists, food names, celebrities, TV Shows, etc. Let’s say you all decide to do artists and the first person who goes may say Justin Bieber. Then the next person has to come up with an artist that starts with B such as B.B. King. The game continues to go on until people cannot come up with an artist. But there is a catch. You can’t repeat the same artist so you have to be careful to not repeat any artists. This is perfect for long charter bus rides because not only does it kill time but it makes time go by faster. So grab a group of people and play this game the next time you are on a charter bus.

Charter Bus
Charter Bus

3. The Sign Game

This game not only requires some serious attention but we also recommend playing it when there is light out. However, this game is fairly simple. You start with the letter A and everyone has to look for words on signs that start with the letter A. Once someone finds a word that starts with A, then everyone moves on to the next letter. This continues until you reach all 26 letters of the alphabet in alphabetical order. However, two people cannot take credit for a word so the point goes to whoever saw it first. Once you reached all the alphabets, you tally up the points by who said the most words. While this game is perfect for long charter bus rides, it can be hard for short distances. In that case we recommend taking out the least used letters: Z, Q, J, X and K. So what are you waiting for? Try this the next time you are on a long charter bus ride with your friends and we guarantee everyone will have a good time.

4.Would you rather?

This is the perfect game to not only play with your friends but also with complete strangers. Each time it gets more fun and interesting, especially with new people. This game can be played with multiple people but you need a minimum of at least 2 people to play this game. In this game you each ask each other questions where you have to pick between two different scenarios. For example you could ask, “Would you rather eat worms or swim with great white sharks?” The weirder the questions the better. In this game, however, there is no winner but there is a catch. You have to answer the questions no matter how gross or weird it is. This is the perfect game for long charter bus rides with strangers because it is a quick and fun ice breaker.

5. As A Rule

In this game you must be very attentive when someone is speaking. This can be played with multiple people which is great because more people can join in the fun! The first person to start is called the rule maker and they are responsible for making a statement that contains a hidden rule. For an example; the rule marker would say “She has a yellow dog and a green snake.” The rule here is that there is a color before each noun. Then the next person has to make a new sentence with this same rule. An example of a correct statement would be “The zoo has red birds and black bears”. An income statement would be “The big dog and cat were best friends”. This game is a lot harder than you think so make sure to pay attention.

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