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Why A Bus Rental Is Essential To California's Ski Resorts

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Los Angeles is the most ideal place to live as you get the nice, breezy ocean on one side and the cool, tall mountains on the other. While you have the opportunity to go surfing and hiking, you also have the chance to snowboard and ski! (Surprising, we know) Just drive a couple hundred miles and you can fine beautiful snowy mountains that are perfect for snowboarding, skiing, sledding, and more! When you rent a bus, TTS Charter Buses will assure that you and your group will have a wonderful journey there and back with us. Whether you are looking for a luxury cabin to stay with your loved one or a weekend getaway for your family and friends, we have gathered some of the best ski resorts to cater to any of your interests.

1. Charter Bus Rental to Snow Valley

Hidden away in the San Bernadino National Forest, you will find the stunning Snow Valley Mountain Resort. The Snow Valley Mountain Resort is one of the oldest continuously functioning ski resort in Southern California. Snow Valley marked one of the first overhead cable ski lifts, and today you can find that the ski resort boasts about 240 acres of land that you can ski and snowboard on. It also consists of 12 lifts and two terrain parks! If you are looking to celebrate a special event while you are at Snow Valley then we recommend renting a private Pine room which comes with a sensational view of the snowy mountain. We recommend a chartered bus so that you and your family can travel comfortably during the long ride there. Instead of driving up the windy mountain yourself, leave the hard work with us and enjoy the view along the away instead!


2. Book a Charter Bus To Mountain High

You can find this gem in the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County. Mountain high has been voted as the most-visited resort in Southern California. So, what are you waiting for? Check out what all the hype is about and head on over with TTS Charter Buses! The resort has three different sections with lift tickets that are available for each section and there are shuttles that are constantly running between them. The West Resort, which is the most popular one, attracts the advanced skiers as this section consists of the Faultline Terrain Park. The North Resort has a ski school, areas where you can go tubing, and is ideal for those who are just beginning to learn how to ski. Lastly, there is the East Resort which has the longest runs and has more open terrains catered towards alpine snowsports. So pack your snow gear and book a charter bus to Mountain High to begin your adventure! If you are not quite sure which is the best kind of charter bus to rent to fit both your family and your luggage, don’t worry! One of our staff will gladly help you through the process and assist you in selecting the best charter bus for you.


3. The Perfect Minibus Rental to Big Bear Mountain

Big Bear Mountain Resort is situated in the San Bernardino Mountains and is one of the most sought out ski resorts in California. Big Bear Mountain Resort is a year-round hot spot for many high energy outdoor experiences that people of all levels can enjoy. During the winter, it is the best time to go there for both skiing and snowboarding. Big Bear Mountain Resort has partnered with Big Bear lake Visitors Bureau in order to provide a wide variety of lodging options. You can find accommodations from upscale hotels vacation rentals, to warm and comfy cabins motels. There is always a place that you can stay that will fit both your budget and style. Luckily for you, Big Bear Mountain Resort is only a short and beautiful drive from most regions in South California. From Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego it can take from about 1.5-3 hours to get there. So, instead of stressing over the long and tedious drive let TTS Charter Bus take care of that so you can fully enjoy your well deserved vacation.


Don’t worry! For every service you book with TTS Charter Buses, you will be given your drivers contact information to have a fast and easy communication. If you aren’t sure which charter bus is best for your group, give us a call today at 310-867-0050 to chat with a rental representative about your group’s unique rental needs or check out our website for further information. We’ll pair you with the best charter bus and driver, to make your travels as easy as possible.

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